2012 to 2014 cylinder head difference

I have a Varner ported head on my 12 want to move it to the 14 will it work?

Also what can the stock rod handle for mods? Higher compression piston , hot cams stage 2 cam? With out changing the rod?

the head fits you need the 2014 intake manifold it sets differently

Thanks for the reply Ron.

I believe the 14 had a better port angle. Might better see if ron will port the 14 head for you. Don't go crazy on compression unless u want to run high octane. Ur rod should handle the hc piston but keep an eye on the hours on ur crank if ur over 50 hrs might be time for a crank rebuild anyhow.

50 hour is all the crank is good for? I heard 80.

Oil changes every 2 hours, 50 hours is not much at all really when riding 3-4 times a week.

1.5 hours per ride.

That's a crank every 2 months.

More info

I have a 12 crf250 with a Varner stage 1 engine build, Crank worx rod on oem crank. 50 hours on it. I have basically retired this bike to my special lady friend. I want to use the ported head on my 14. 50 hours on it now. Was going to install stock oem piston back in the 12 to lower compression to be used with pump gas.

I am used to 2 250's as I swap riding them. Gonna buy another bike now that she is riding the 12.

The 14 is stock besides bolt ons. Was gonna bolt on ported 12 head stage 2 hot cam and high compression je piston.

Problem is when I bought the 12 bolted on a performance top end it broke the rod in two at 14.3 hours this is why it has a crank worx rod in it.

It locked up in 4 the gear at a race.

I am now riding at a much higher skill level all the tracks I'm riding a pretty big 4 gear and sometimes 5 th

Pala Main

Cahuilla etc..

I don't want to spend a ton of money but I'm not gonna cheap out and have a mechanical problem make me wreck bad either.

I spoke to the guys at crank worx and they said 30 hours for pros

I'm no where near a pro but I am a pretty fast vet rider.

I watch the filter for shavings and I very good at oil changes etc.

I'll gamble a bit but just looking to get some good advice before I go bolting on more power on the bike.

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I wouldn't recomend a high compression piston after the 50 hours is all I'm saying. In ur case u can probably get 100 or more hours out of the crank. But I wouldn't push my luck over 80. But the hc piston will add stress to ur rod bearing. Ur 14 head is a better design than the 12. I think I'd go back to stock comp for the 12 and leave the head there. Je makes a 13.8 piston that works well with 91 non ethonal u might consider that too. What budget do u have in mind for the 14

I can spend the money to do a full race motor if I want, but really I like keeping the bike pretty fresh. The stock engine is not bad but if a piston cam and port can be done pretty cheap then why not.

I'm 42 years old so my interests are in reliability and a fresh bike every ride, tires, suspension etc...

The Varner motor n the 12 is a better motor for sure over the stock 14.

It is a ported head, deck cylinder for very high compression Terry claims 15:1

Fuel injection mods, air box stock cam. Feels like 40 hp 15% better than 14.

Would be happy with this.

I will put a crank in the 14 soon at that point I will up the power. I have talked with Ron about doing a head for me but maybe I'll wait til the 16's come out or just pick up another 14 from a dealers old stock.

Thanks for the advice.

When u do the crank falcon knife rods are really nice..

When u do the crank falcon knife rods are really nice..


Autocorrect lol

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