Should I get a KTM 525

Hi I'm 5"3 160 cm and want to get a bigger bike.

The 525 seatheight is 925mm And I don't know if I'm tall enough to ride it

And would would I have to do to lower the height.

Cheers liam.

The 525 is the same size as any other KTM with a 250cc or larger engine, 2 or 4 stroke.  A cheap trick to lower the seat height is to shave the seat foam down.  If you're willing to spend a lot more money, a good suspension tuner can shorten the forks and shock.  A cheap way to lower the suspension is to run more sag in the rear and raise the forks in the triple clamps, but you're only gonna lower the seat an inch or so and it can mess up the handling of the bike.

A 525, or even 125 would be WAY to tall for you

you're gunna have a tough time fitting ANY full-size bike. How old are you?

I assume that you are riding ether a 85, or a 125 trail bike, am I right? 

I hate these forums when people say you can't ride that bike its too big for you. I'm 5'3" as well, I've been this tall since I was 16 and I'm 26 now. I ride a KTM 530 and all I did was turn the shock nut all the way out, but with about 3 full turns of preload on the rear spring. I also slid my forks up a little but not a lot.


Yeah this bike is tall, and I wish I was taller every day lol, but I ride it just fine on technical trails. I know for my bike I can get a lowering kit but then I loose something like 2 inches of travel front and rear, which for me was unacceptable. I went through the work of lowering a KX250 that I had, shaved the seat, got a 1 5/8" lowering link, put the forks all the way up in the tripple until they touched the bars. It made it shorter but it handled like crap, my advice as a short guy is to learn how to ride a dirt bike well. Asuming you have already done that, go buy a bigger bike and get comfortable with it. It will take some getting used to but I can touch both sides of the ground on my bike, obviously not flat footed but I make it work.

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