My second passion besides riding my 426 is playing is my PC. I play MotocrossMadness2 on MSN Zone.

How many of you out their play this game on the Zone? My team name is SX5FE_Kirtwell. Give me a hollar when you're online and we'll bust off a few nac nac's.

I'm a total MCM2 junkie. Since I don't have a bike right now, it is all I have (and this place too).

I am WalterMitty4. Do you play in the Novice or in the faster bandwidth room?

I would love to play motocross madness with other people, i feel i am pretty decent at the game. I have a 56K modem, am i still able to play without it being too slow? and how can i get to play on the zone? thanx for ur help

I would also like to know how to download skins to my game so I can have different bike graphics, I can't seem to make them download.

I am the biggest MCM and MCM2 fan! I started playing MCM1 about 4yrs ago and used to play on the zone every day my name was HFC_MOTOMAN (the HFC team won a spotlight tournament on the zone one night... it was really fun) I havent played on the zone in about a I go by motoman393! I only do Nats and SX now, but I have tons of new tracks! I normally play the game with my friends via IP address! Later,


how do u join a team? im pretty fast :-D

Wow, didn't know there was such a following - cool! I've been playing since day one (beginning of MCM1 days) as KTM_Tawm. Team KTM has been around forever, but we really haven't played a lot in the last 6 months or so. I'm actually getting rejuvinated and getting in there again, mostly with my teamates. Motoman - of course I remember you. :-)

Once or twice a month I have my Monthly Geekfest At Tom's (MGAT) where I have all my (real) racing buds come over and we network up 8 or more pc's and race into the wee hours of the morn. A complete kick in the pants - the swearing and barley fly all night long, lol.

If you see me on the Zone, be sure and say howdy and lets run a few.

Used to play the game alot Sweet game, maybe Ill start playin again since All you guys play! Ill look for ya...... Peace! :)

Hey thumper4life,

Normally teams require you to try out. My team is SX5FE and we have 10 members...You could try out with us but we do have some requirements:

1. You have to be fast of course.

2. You have to be older than 25. No teenagers allowed

3. We normally require that you've been on other teams but in your case we'd waive that.

4. You can't be deeply religious or sensitive to cussing, Sheet talking.

5. You have to break a keyboard or mouse every so

often when you lose or you're too laid back.

6. And most must be a beer drinker, if you don't and you're a member of AA...we'll take ya :)

have to guys ever used Roger Wilco? It is like talking on the phone with 10 people at the same time but over the internet! You can use it while playing online...the HFC team used to do this (great for tournaments)! I will put you guys in my favorites and see if you are on, and we can bust out a few whips! Later,


Oh yeah one more thing...did you know that there is a CD cracker for MCM2? It was available like a year ago and now it is nowhere to be found! They also have a 100hp bike LOL (this is really fun but pisses everyone off...dont use it on the zone) Well I still have the cd cracker/100hp bike and it you want me to email it you guys just let me know! Im off to the zone! Later,


well.... #1 im pretty darn fast, imma sx master :)

#2 dang :D im 16


#4 im not

#5 im way too laid back, although a few beatings in a hard race can fix that

#6 im no beer drinker i tried going there and downloading some skins and along with some tracks. but when i click download 3 links come up to choose from (i believe that is where you download from) and 2 of the 3 links dont work, when i goto the first link, it goes to the site and when i find inside of the site, the thing i want. it wont download, like the page wasnt found or something is what it said

Of the three links, the top one is useable in the early mornings, while the bottom one appears to work for the most popular trax.

Good luck.


I used to play it quite often but i cannot get on lately. When i try to go into a room it pops up a window that says failed to load ZProxy. I've had no luck and am almost ready to quit trying. Any one no what the heck this means??


I would suggest that you delete all the zone files from your HD and reload them. The zone is

constantly upgrading their software.

There are some forums that can help you out there.

If you can't get it going I'll send you the url's.

Those guys are totaly techno nerds and can fix anything.

BTW: My team has a website.

Check out the photo's and you can see me with my

I can no longer log in as either of my old names! So I picked a new screen name MX393_TTalk let me know if you see me online! Later,


Thanks Kirtwell, I got it working now. Now i have to dust of my controller!! I am WR250FRIDER1

[ February 14, 2002: Message edited by: WRDUDE ]

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