Yamaha wr250f 2002 ignition coil

So i am still rebuilding my bike. Yesterday i thought of testing the bike coil. 

Is there a possibility that it is damaged or i am using the multimeter wrong? 

The manual says that primary coil resistance is:
Tester selector position
0.20 ~ 0.30 Ω at 20 ˚C (68 ˚F) Ω × 1 My reading is 00.6 Ω 
Secondary coil resistance is:
Tester selector position
9.5 ~ 14.3 kΩ at 20 ˚C (68 ˚F) kΩ × 1 My reading is 11.90 Ω


So this means that primary coil resistance is out of spec? 

I thought of testing the coil because i always had problems with the spark plugs, so maybe this could be the reason? 

I would really appreciate any advice,because i am not an expert on electrical problems. :lol:



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