07rmz crank case replacement question

Hello all, I have an 07 rmz that has a cracked crankcase behind the kick start gear and kick start idle gear. There isn't any fixing it. Somebody had already tried welding it. My question is do I have to replace both crankcases at once or is it OK just to replace the right side crankcase. Thanks you.

Yes .replace both .they come as a match set

Damn. Not what I wanted to hear man. Thank you. I guess I'll keep an eye put for a used set but if it comes down to it, I'll buy a new set with bearings and everything else I'll need

Engine cases are typically cast as a set and line bored so they are true as possible.  You can always check out a parts list to see if they have separate part numbers.  I just replaced a set on a project RMZ not too long ago for the same issue.  I think i got a used set on ebay for just over $400.  It was cheaper than new without considering replacing all the associated parts with the case.   

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