2005 WR 450 Clutch Replacement: EBC?Tusk?Hinson?Stock?

Clutch is starting to slip and I am looking for a replacement Clutch Kit.  Looking for advice on which brand to get.

Stock is very good

Hinson is better

EBC is better

Tusk is JUNK

Moose Racing is JUNK

Motosports.com kit is JUNK

I am currently using a Hinson clutch pack in a 07. It's working very well with less drag in gear than the stock clutch. The springs were too hard so I'm running my old springs.

By the way, the Motion Pro T3 clutch cables make a very large reduction in clutch pull

I tried the Tusk and it grabbed fine, but the plates were junk and it would not disengage when it got hot, which made tight technical riding REALLY interesting. I ended up pulling them out after three months and going back to stock. In my experience Yamaha OEM is the best way to go on most things.

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