kx100 power valves.... ok to sand blast?

I've read some folks using oven cleaner or brake cleaner. But i have access to a sand blaster and it would be a whole lot faster if i could blast it instead of waiting for it to soak and scrub later.. there's alot of baked on carbon on the valves. Pretty sure the valves are steel as well.

So will it be ok to sand blast?

I wouldn't. Just spray with brake cleaner (non chlorinated) and scrub with a red scotch brite pad.

You can soda blast them, but sand blasting will ruin them.

I use an ultrasonic cleaner

I've read about soda blasting.. will it be ok to use on my cylinder as well? How bout the mating surface and the cylinder walls. Basically the whole cylinder without taping anything up.

Soda blasting will work on the cylinder too. No sand blasting! Just clean the cylinder with clean water when you are done. The water will rinse away the soda. Oil the plating on the cylinder after washing because it will be prone to rusting after the bath.

Thx all, will have to try the soda blast.

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