Any big guys ride 200xc-w

I weigh 250 and am thinking about a new ride.Something for endures or harescrambles in TN. My favorite bike was the  KDX200.  What size the KTM 300 or 200 lets here your opinions.

At 250 I would get a 300. There are a couple big guys that are fast on 200s, but they are very few and far between.

200 will be fine especially if a kdx200 was working fine.


Was 250 without gear 275ish all suited up, my 200 drug my butt all over the Northwest without any problems, guy I bought it from was around the same. Now that I'm a slim, trim 215 lbs the 200 is a raging animal, lots of power and light weight, great for flicking in the woods and I'm not beat up or fatigued like I was on the 300.

I am biased towards the 250/300 personally. However a friend of mine tips the scales at 210 pounds and rides a '15 KTM200. He has no problems whatsoever with it.






I'm 250 Lardy pounds and had a 200exc. Liked it fine but just prefer a 250 more. Had a 300 (old husky WR) and liked it too but the 250 (kx) has a nasty snap that I like. JMO.

Get the 300, the extra size helps us big boys keep up.   :ride:

Bought the 300 today, can't wait to ride it Sunday. Thanks for the help.

Bought the 300 today, can't wait to ride it Sunday. Thanks for the help.


Congradulations! You won't be disappointed. Thinking about skipping the next bike purchase and instead getting a 300 kit for my 250XC.

Not to hijack this thread, but I'm going to be doing a little 200/250/300 xc/xcw thread soon. I have a 200xcw, 300xc (that I'm going to downsize to a 250 soon), abd a 300xcw. Going to be riding abd racing all 3 in the upcoming weeks. Everything from desert singletrack, mountain singletrack, motocross and beyond. I'm excited to see the differences!!

Can't wait to hear your opinions on the different bikes!

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