Fixing a baja gas tank

Hey everyone, I have a crf450x that I made street legal to rip around Salt Lake City. I have a baja tank that the owner gave to me, but it has a small hole (nickel size) where one of the brackets got over tightened and cracked. I tried a gas tank repair kit from Advanced Automotive but it couldn’t handle the change in temperature in the city and didn’t hold. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a fix for this, don't want to scrap the tank if I don’t have too. Thanks

I've used 2 part jbweld (They have lots of options) on a steel gas tank with pin hole leaks and it's worked great for 2 years.


But having a nickel size piece missing in a plastic tank is obviously a way different problem.


IMO - You basically need patch the hole and not sure if care what it looks like.  Think finding a similar type of plastic to the tank, then gas resident adhesive for the type of plastic, proper prepping and curing.


Someone else maybe able to be a bit more specific.


Or my go to or some other variation


Good luck

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Not gonna work


Your plastic tank has 'outgassed' to the end of it's life, and is no longer pliable.


Gotta get a new one.

My thought

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