Need help identifying my header pipe

I need some help. On my 93 I have an FMF Gold series pipe, but that's all it says. It also has Don Elmer's signature stamped in to it when the halves were stamped. I was just curious to see if it was a fatty or any other variation of FMF pipe.



from what i found on the web, its the founder of fmf's name.


so it's nothing special.

The signature is kind of cool, I could see it burning the signature in your leg if you ever went for a ride in shorts

I had it happen once, my leg said "paul turner pipes" on the side perfectly

I know its the founder but it doesn't have fatty or anything does on it I emailed FMF and I'm gonna call them later when I got out of work

Well I revived an email back from FMF. I was told it is a very early variation of the fatty and was called the gold pipe at the time. Neat stuff glad they took the time to help me out.

Wow. That's cool. Thanks for letting us know.

No one calls them Gold pipes anymore?  lol

Nope they are called fattys I like the gold pipe name better then the fatty name lol

pretty sure they only made the one pipe back then so really did not need a specific name like fatty or gnarly.

He said there were multiple pipes I guess

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