2010rmx450z exhaust repack

I have repacked other four strokeexhaust but went to repack my rmx exhaust and it looks like ther is no packing. Mind you i did not pull it comoletely apart as you need to rivet back on;however,the inside of the exhaust looks like it has different chamber to it not just a single core. How do you repack?

Sounds like your RMX has a different muffler than mine. The one I have definitely never had any sort of packing, but it also doesn't have rivets, just 6 bolts.

Yes. Mine also has the 6 bolts that hold the end cap on. I am assuming a repack is not necessary. I am in canada so i am not sure if the exhaust may be slightly different.

Has anyone had to or at least to a precautionary top rebuild on their bike yet?

I have 3000 kms on my bike and still valves checked every year and have not really moved at all. Bike runs as the day i bought it.

I love my rmx

Mine has 4900 miles and I haven't even opened it up yet. Just the typical filter cleaning, oil changes, coolant flushes, and recently a new chain and sprockets. It's an awesome bike  :thumbsup:

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