yz426f fork upgrade? what years fit-options?

Hi , my standard 2002 forks have seen the end of their life now, I'm looking to replace them with something from a newer bike . can anyone help with regards to what my options are ,what years will fit and what parts  I will need to make it happen ? 

      From what I can work out through trawling this forum, I think up to '05 forks will fit , but I'm not sure if I'll need to buy new triple clamps, amongst other things.

thanks :rolleyes:

Anything up to the forks from an '06-'07 will fit, but the only set you can use without the triple clamps originally issued with the fork are the '03 and earlier.  The '04 is an open bath 48mm fork like your 46's are.  They're "some" better than yours, but not a lot.  The '05 was the first twin chamber KYB, also a 48 as are all the later ones.  The '05 is a better fork than the earlier ones, but not the equal of the '06 and up fork.  The '06+ sets the fork tubes 2mm farther apart (but uses the same wheel and axle) and so it needs the '06 clamps.  Stems and bearings are the same.

Thanks very much for the excellent info , theres a new, unused  set of 05 forks online at the moment ,that will just need springing for my weight .and I've found a clamp to fit at a good price too . 

I forgot to ask , how about the break? will the caliper fit straight on ? I know ill need a new hose , that's routed over the the caliper instead of under the fork . 


and one last question , when it comes to re-springing the fork will i need too use a slightly stiffer spring than what is recommended on the 450 chart , due to the extra weight of the bike ? - I have .60 (the heaviest i could find ) in the standard forks at the moment .


Sorry for all the questions , I'm new to dirt bikes . and need to get all the parts I need as soon as possible ready for my first hare and hounds race later this month 

"Brake".  Yes, it fits.  You could actually use your OEM hose, but you're better off with the shorter set up.  You may also need new fork guards to fit.


What extra weight are you speaking of?

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