Comp stack for my RMZ

Ok I am redoing the seals and the fluid on my RMZ450 2011.  Figured I would look at the stacks also.  It has the type 1 gold valve on the compression side, it was a Mike alessi practice bike so is really stiff.  Somebody look at this stack and let me know what you think.  I don't understand the (4) 24x.15 at the bottom maybe just spacer shims.  What should I do to soften up the stack go down to a 16 clamp?

or take out some of those 30x.30?










I wonder if the active 24's or the 22's touch off on the spacers behind the clamp.  Only .2 of clamp shim height.

First of all you should also check the mid and reb and, most importantly, the springs.


Secondly, I would create a new stack.

I'll have to call RT cause this comp piston they use different valving charts so I'll have to see what one they use. rebound piston is revalved stock haven't pulled it off yet to see stack. and it's sprung right for me which is good, alessi is small guy but they always go stiff cause of the speed so I looked and springs are right. just trying to soften the stack, I'll call RT later

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