This too pricey for a xr250?

Looks nice, said it might need a new battery my dad thinks it's too pricey but there are never any 250 4 strokes around here. Hear this is one f the best years of a xr to buy. Is this one too much money?

Show up with $800 cash and if he says no walk away and guaranteed he'll stop you. I wouldn't pay $1200.

I paid $1000 for a '95 XR250R less than a year ago.  That looks to be the XR250L version  which I wouldn't spend $100 on let alone $1200.  Either way, $1200 is too much.  

What's wrong with the L model?

It's the street legal/dual sport model.  From what I understand, they are really bottled up (even moreso than the R) and can't be opened up like the R.  I guess it really depends on what you are doing with it.  If you plan on riding it 75%+ on dirt, you will probably be disappointed.  If you plan on riding 50% or less on the dirt, than you'll probably be okay.  

A bit pricey for that bike. Yes looks to be an L with the steel tank. Pretty heavy bike. Not bad if you plan to use it as transportation mostly and as a dirt bike second. The guy might get $1200 for it if it is real clean.

Hard to find a good clean XR250R in the first place, most are pretty worked over. A good one that got stored away may go for $15-1800.

That looks like the pre '95 R version which would only bring about $800.


In CA, a complete XR250L is worth more than a pre '96 XR250R because they're street legal.  Here, the L sells for $1200 easy.


Name a lighter dual sport than the XR250L.

But But my good freind BR.You left out the part the 250L weights the same or more then Xr400.Just missing with you BR   I expect Br will keep his L another 20 years.

Thanks for the help guys, I'm gonna pass by looking for a dual sprit need something trail

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