Yfz 450 clutch not disengaging

Put a new cable on my yfz and I had to adjust it all the way out and the perch is all the way out too and it still has 1/4 inch at least play in the lever and a little bit at the clutch arm on the cases. Clutch works perfect until after about 5 minutes of riding then just gets super loose. The lever gets more slack in it and it barely works. Pull in the lever and it still wants to go forwards. It's like the cable streches when the engines hot. I'm gonna take my clutch apart and check it all out and make sure it's installed right. Any ideas on what it could be?

Your clutch is bad

I'm gonna take a look at the fibers today. The thing I'm concerned with is that the clutch arm is barely moving. Even if the clutch is still good it won't work unless the arm moves far enough

Oh I see. You can rotate the arm further by taking the snap ring off the top of the arm (that goes into the case cover) pull the arm off by going straight up. Rotate it 1 or 2 teeth (on the spline) counterclockwise. Push the arm back down and reinstall the snap ring

Alright I tried to last night and I got it moved a tooth back. I haven't got to try it out yet but I'm gonna work on it some more tonight

If I'm understanding you correctly I was able to adjust my raptor that way. Mine didn't go out of adjustment over time or anything mine was adjusted incorrectly after I replaced the gasket on the clutch side. I failed to put the armetuer in the correct rotation

Yes it's just like on a raptor. I've got a raptor clutch arm and cable I might try on it because the raptor cable is much thicker.

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