02 yz426 carb swap questions

Hi, I have searched for the last few days about 450 carb swaps (enough to drive me up the wall lol). I have not come across a post yet to confirm if a 08 yz450f fits on my 02 426. I have seen 03 04 05 stuff but not in the 08 range. I am picking up a carb, throttle cables, all hot start stuff with perch off of an 08 with a siezed bottom end. I just wanted to make sure A. It will fit and work correctly B. Is there anything else I am forgetting about, or should add on that would work? Please dont flame the new guy lol. I am sure this has been asked a bunch but I cant find it for this year carb swap.

yes it does. 08 is the last year that did fit from what I found. I also just did the carb swap and used an 08, runs like a champ now.

I put an '07 carb on my '99, the '08 is from the same generation bike and will fit fine.

I don't know how you could have missed it in all the times I've posted this, but any YZ450 carb will fit, all the way up to an '09.  The best choice is an '05 or later.

Thank you guys for the replys. Grey I guess I thought 05 and later meant 03 to 05 not 05 and newer. So that was my bad. thank all you guys for the clarification on this

Usually, '03 happens earlier than '05, and '09 happens later.  :excuseme:

Yeah... I have had better moments lol

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