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Hi Everyone,


Quick Update on My Beta ,


Having a blast with this bike and the whole trial riding skills.. cant beleive how much fun Im having !!!

Great choice on Going for the BETA and not the GAS GAS,,, these bikes are solid and really reliables...

Glad I heard advices from all the guys who ride in my area...


Now, Ive learned a lot in these weeks and now im noticing MY BIKE NOT RESPONDING CLEAN AT HIGHER REVS UNDER LOAD IN THE LONGER UPHILL SECTIONS we have around here... KINDA SPUTTERS ...



Did Billy T mod, so no alarming fuel leaks... just the usual problems when going steep and long downhills , that always kinda floods the CARD and she takes the The EXTRA Kicks to fire her up when arriving down.



So, Im about Attack this problem at HIGH REVS going for the long steep climbs , on GOING DOWN 1 size on the Main Pilot ,

Will leave the needle POS right were I found it ( at the middle or 3rd groove ) and The usual adjust of the air screw which requires the every PRE RIDE , adjustment...


My Bike DOWN LOW low feels really good...


(((((((  its just like on 3rd  gear pinned going up on a long steep climb...OR a 2nd gear pre hard acceleration to attack a step rock section...  the bike kinda sputters and dont run clean at high REvs Under LOAD...



What are your oppinions on going DOWN 1 SIZE ON THE MAIN PILOT ? 

We are at 800mts seal level and the trail rides sometimes go up to 1200mts...


The jetting is Totally Stock.


I KNOW, I was tempted to just change the whole carb for a KEIHIN, bu rather prefer fine tunning this one..and keep those $$ down on more expenses... The carb, the both air boots, the throttlr cable... Nahhhh... Ill keep this and at least try to make it better thumbup.gif


<on <hold for advices...



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