Will I pass sound check?

Buying a pipe and silencer tomorrow fmf gnarly and I want to go shorty but am concerned on whether or not I will pass sound check. It's on a 01 kx 250 and will be racing d23 which is Minnesota mottocross and hare scrambles. Good combo? Is there a better combo? Will I pass sound check?

The FMF gnarly is a great pipe for the woods but does take away some top end power as for the silencer it does not have a spark arrester which could be a issue if noticed or at lease in Netra. As for sound I am not to sure, I would think its to loud but I'm not sure either

2 strokes have no problem passing sound.

Here is the length difference between the turbinecore 2, powercore 2 and stock.

I don't have a shorty for my kx for comparison.

The TC2 is the only one that comes with a sparky, but I also have my stock set up with one.


Thanks small and fast I decided on a fatty and power core 2 for the versatility to do moto and hares! Tho I really love the sound of the gnarly and shorty wasn't gonna work the best for moto

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