Plated dirt bike on powerlines and state parks

Hello, I live in CT and I have a friend with a plated dirt bike my question is what is the penalty if He ever gets caught ridding on the powerlines, since it registered would he be in less shit and just get a trespassing fine and not get impounded like a unregistered bike would?

If it means anything, in Ontario we have plenty of legal trails on powerline routes. I'm sure laws are different there, but it really depends if there's a legal trail system here and if you have registration, insurance and a trail pass depending on weather or not one is required on those trails. If it's clearly labeled "no trespassing", your buddy is going to get in trouble regardless of the status of his bikes wherever you are.

I live in ct and got caught in wolcott on the power lines. The cops hid in bushes and waited to catch riders it was a $75 fine.

$75 for a good days riding is worth it, once in awhile!


The difference may be in how they 'let' you get home...

$75 sounds like too small a fine for this, that musta been a while ago...

The cops wrote it up as criminal trespassing but got knocked down in court to simple trespassing pay a $75 ticket. Gonna stick to Thomaston dam from now on

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