(Another) cr250 kickstart spring question.

I've done a search but nothing on my specific question.

At the moment, I have no safe way of getting clutch basket off, and I want to ride this weekend as I've had a weeks worth of clutch issues finally figured out and now this:

Kickstart spring popped out of its hole on the case somehow. Glad I noticed it before putting the right side case back on. Anyway, I'm thinking no biggie we'll just pop it back in and... nope. So I pulled the assembly off carefully and around the basket to just make sure somehow the alignment holes were off line. They weren't. Got the assembly back together which brings me to my actual question.

Do any any of you have any tips at all as to how I get the assembly with ratchet and all, back together, tension the spring (since it's impossible to do on the bike with the basket in the way), and get it all into place WITHOUT having to take the basket off? Or is it just impossible, and I should give up and try to get the basket out of the way?

Not one to get butt hurt so if this is a stupid question let er rip with insults. But advice is much more appreciated.



What year?  Impossible on my 87 due to the length of the spring that goes into the hole.

It's a 2002

I'm trying to figure a way to get the entire kick start assembly in the bike without taking the basket off

Good luck, there is no way to do it. I tried tonight, my right side is torn down without the clutch basket so I slid the basket on to have a try. Nope no way

Even in the manual it's step 2 and very blunt. Remove clutch basket

DAMN lol. Oh well. Thanks for tryin for me man.

No such thing as a stupid question.


But yeah, not possible.  I was re-assembling a CR500 clutch, and stupidly decided to put the kickstart spindle on the bike after the basket... It took about an hour before I realized the only way was to just take the time and remove the clutch basket again.


Why can't you remove the clutch basket? Do you have a gear jammer? Something like it? If you want to try, use something to jam the sprocket (will have to take your chain off if the motor is still in the frame), and go from there.  Use good judgement and don't push any limits, punching a hole in your case isn't worth it :naughty:

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