Just grabbed this 1999 yz125 for $250

This is going to be my project over the next few months... Doing a full tear down and rebuild. It runs now but the kick start shaft is snapped so it only starts by pop start which I don't want to get into dealing with every time. Ordered a new kickshaft assembly and kick starter tonight. Going to see how the inside looks over next week. More updates to followImageUploadedByThumper Talk1427868285.354316.jpg

good score, hopefully its not too bad inside her.

Does it sling webs? was the owners name peter? sorry the Web scheme is cool but I would probably change it.

I'm changing pretty much everything. It looks like a nightmare but for the most part has everything there. Basically she just needs some attention and routine maintenance to bring it back to life. More pics to follow

Just grabbed some new tires, new forks with hurricane top clamp and some misc. parts and bolts for it as well. I'll be gone for work for 3-4 weeks but will get back at it when I returnImageUploadedByThumper Talk1428358696.531472.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1428358761.425241.jpg

Also a full FMF system off of eBay and new vforce reeds and a works connection skid...also have new radiators and blue hoses for her as well. Like I said in my last post I'll be gone for maybe the next month so the build will be on stand by till then

New clutch too!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1428359160.342913.jpg also, have new shifter and a set of levers in transit too. I'm going to rebuild it from the crank up and tear the motor art when I get back to see how it looks inside. My first build on my own and it's exciting and more expensive than I could've imagined haha

Leave looks for absolute dead last. My new rule is if the plastics aren't cracked to shiz then they stay ON the bike regardless of appearance. Helps keep thieves away too.

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I totally agree with you there as well...friggin eBay keeps reeling me in on some deals I can't pass up. As for internals I just ordered a full crank kit and am going to do a top end but I would feel like an idiot to order a stock bore piston kit if it happened to be bored over or need some honing or a bore how it is now. I'm looking forward to this build and I saw what one of the guys did with his 99 yz125 on here and that's really the only reason why I even bought this.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1428424998.450107.jpg

Got this order from outlaw racing...awesome guys and great products for a very reasonable price. Give them a try if you guys already haven't"

- front and rear heavy duty tubes, carb rebuild kit and new fuel and vent lines, billet throttle tube and au line throttle cable, air filter, new chain and sprockets and a new hour meter for the motor rebuild which is up next. Also, ordered up new bearing for the whole bike (ie: steering stem, linkage, shocks, swingarm, wheel and crank) even though I'm buying some of this stuff in the "wrong order" all of the finishing touches and cosmetic stuff will be the last to go on. Many updates to follow

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1459348884.506678.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1459348904.850730.jpg

How she looks now

Leave looks for absolute dead last. My new rule is if the plastics aren't cracked to shiz then they stay ON the bike regardless of appearance. Helps keep thieves away too.

Kind of how a feel about bikes.  If the bike isn't completely mint mechanically then no money goes into the plastics unless completely necessary, no money for graphics kits either unless I win the loto or something lol


Although a bike I picked up recently I did splurge $45 on some UFO fenders  :rolleyes:   early 90's cr it had flo pink fenders that didn't match anything and they were all white with stress marks too boot.  I couldn't ride it as it was.... gotta draw the line somewhere I guess. 


As far as OP and recent pick up,  Seems like a sweet deal,  I wish I could find used bikes that cheap in my area.   It's a funny area, new/newer bikes are cheap compared to most places,  and used crap bikes are way over priced :excuseme:

Great update.


At $250, that's too sweet of a deal to pass up. Good job!

Ya I really enjoy it. I did a full hot rods bottom end kit and also Athena high compression cylinder and top end. I replaced pretty much everything on the bike and it's even got a lectron carb on it. It's a sweet ride for sure! I picked up another 99 and will make a new thread of that build shortly.

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