2001 kx125 piston ring replacement

I lost compression the other day on my kx125 , I tore it down and the piston and cylinder looked nice ( no gouges or scratched up ) and the piston ring was worn down bad and the head is shaved 6 thousandths . so I replaced only the ring and it starts up great, amazing compression , but theirs no bottom end power anymore ??!!? Like none at all .

When you say it looked nice, do you mean everything measured within spec?

No I did not , I tried learning about piston clearance and stuff but I couldn't make sense of how much I needed .

It is a common practice to replace the piston and ring/s at the same time. You don't always have too, but the only way to tell if it is within spec is measuring. Cast pistons can break into pieces and trash an engine when they have been run too long.

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