Highway dirt bikes fairing /light?

Has anyone installed a HDB fairing and light kit on a Wr450, I'm going to upgrade to Baja design LED'S as well as a scotts damper . I am confused exactly whats needed if I go with the HDB fairing kit , I'd also like to see some pics of your bike if you have this mod . Thanks

The Highway Dirt Bikes Rallye Lite fairing mounts to your stock top triple clamp and replaces the under bar mounts (acts as its own stabilizer submount).  I'm pretty certain that you must purchase the Scotts Damper and SubMount Post from Scotts or BRPmoto (specific to your bike model).  For the 2005 and older WRs with the single piece cast top clamp, I believe you will need to purchase an aftermarket top clamp (with removable under bar mounts) or try to fit a 2006 top clamp on your 2005 (earlier models had smaller diameter forks I believe).  You will need to convert to DC power if you are not a 2012+ FI bike to run the Baja Designs LEDs. 


For some pics, check here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=23262471&postcount=536

I know a 2012 WR450 with HDB Rallye Lite kit was raced in the Norra 1000 a few years back. 


Shoot Paul and crew an emaila and they are typically pretty good about responding even though they are busy.

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