Has this ever happened to you?

The same thing was happening to me. I installed DSP footpegs (not for that problem) and I noticed that it never happened again. I also lowered my brake lever to a point just slightly below parallel with the foot peg. I noticed I was accidentally dragging it a lot and was also nearly killing my bike in the air by tapping the brake pedal accidentally without the clutch in. I don't know if lowering the pedal height changes the angle where your boot is getting stuck, but take a look. Also, you might be able to see the spot on your boot that is hanging up and file it down a bit.

Haven't noticed my foot getting hung up, but my Alpinestar Vector boot is taking a beating. The top lip of the sole on the right boot is chewed up where it hits the brake guard. Plan on gluing a piece of leather onto my boot right there. Haven't quite decided what I'm gonna do to the guard yet.

I seem to be having a problem getting my right foot stuck.

When I put my right foot back on the peg, I get the soul of my boot “Pinched” (by soul I mean the small lip of soul that sticks out about ¼”.

The soul on the inside front gets caught under the rear break lever and the inside rear soul get caught on the bottom lip of the rear break cylinder cover (small aluminum piece).

It’s not like it happens every now and then. If I take 3 laps around the track, I get my foot caught 10 or more times.

Has this ever happened to any of you?

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