Engine Ice

Anyone using it. I bought some and am waiting to put it in my bike. How do I flush the system? Do I just drain it out completely and add the engine ice or should I maybe run some pure water through to get rid of the reminants of the stock stuff. I work at a pharmaceutical company so we have tone of rodi(reverse osmosis deionized water) water that i could use to flush it out. Is this even necessary? Thanks in advance for any advice. Cant wait riding season is coming soon. Just got a new helmet for valentines day from my girlfriend. :D Take care guys, D :):D

Dont use engine ice until it is hot out. 50/50 distilled water antifreeze works great for cold weather. When you are ready just drain the fluid from the drain bolt at the water pump and then refill. :)

When you decide to use it, flush with radi water a couple times. I think I even used vinegar to neutralize the system for one flush, say 10-12 oz with radi or distilled water. I then flushed it twice and used ice.

I use it and its great I drained my bike flushed it w/ dis h2o the filled it w/ dis h2o and ran it for a couple of min then drained it and added the ice. :)

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