05 WR went 10yrs and 4000 single tarck miles

She finally lost compession need new piston and 5th gear, both gears and shift forks.

4000 single track miles could be from 100 - 400 hours....

I've posted these stats before, for my 2001 426, which has seen 99.9% singletrack use.  Yamaha's are definitely reliable.


At about 8k singletrack miles (500ish hours), I had the engine apart and decided to check and replace a few things after turning the bike into a submarine one sunny afternoon after which it wouldn't start.  I already knew and had planned on new valve stem seals as I had a bit of oil seeping by.  I didn't need rings but I decided to change them anyway since I had already had the bike apart and had purchased the rings.  Cam chain just because.  It was worn, but not unacceptably so.  At 15k miles (1000ish hours), I finally lost compression due to a worn center intake valve (never needed shimming until it let go) and finally installed new valves.  All internal bearings and such are still in great condition.  Cam chain #2 is still acceptable.  Still on the original clutch.


Do I want a new bike, of course.  According to the formula to determine the optimum number of biked to own:  Optimum number of bikes = n+1, where n = number of current bikes.  Do I need a new bike, NO.  Will a new bike be as trustworthy...probably not.  I love the big ole blue beast.

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