New bike real soon need some info

I woul like to thank you in advance for any help I get. I have decided to purchase a 04 WR 450F. I am really liking the price from motorcyle brokers. $5700.00 +200 shipping to california. My biggest concern is getting it registered in cali. I have never bought an auto out of state. I was wondering if anybody on TT from cali has purchased an out of state bike and if so whats the registration procedure. :)

Matt, What motorcycle broker's have you looked at i'm curious, sounds like the deal!


See the Dual Sport forum. '03 and '04 dirt bikes that are 'Not for highway use' cannot be reg. in CA. The reg for previous year's bikes ended last month. Only way to get it done now is to reg in another state and ride with those plates in CA. :)


I just also found and joined this site.

Just wanted to let you know I ordered a WR450F from

Pro Cycle in Columbia Mo.

They Have a no haggle policy and shot me a price of

$5,400 out the door. :)

It's supposed to be here this week.

Here's a link.

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