siezed rod bearing

I have a 99' 400f with a siezed rod bearing.When I took the oil filter out it was collapsed somewhat.I am thinking I did not have full oil flow throughout the motor.Also I am putting the White Brothers 420 kit on. Has anyone had any problems with this kit?

I've just had my connecting rod bearing sieze up. I have already pulled the motor out. Can you just buy a new bearing, or does it come in a complete kit?

Wow, this is an old thread.

Anyways, the crank comes as a complete assembly or piece by piece. I just replaced my crank not long ago. We don't have any good machine shops close by to rebuild cranks, so it was easier to get the assembly.

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Mine did the same recently. Since the motor had lots of hours on it I went ahead and put in a 426 crank, piston and cylinder. This thing is an animal now. It always had lots of power, but damn is it getting it now.

If you want to convert your YZ400F to a YZ426F this can be done using factory oem Yamaha parts. The YZ426F connecting rod uses a larger piston pin giving you a little better reliability.

Here's the parts needed to do the conversion:

(1EA) 5BE-11681-00-00 YZ400F CRANK PIN

(1EA) 93310-634B0-00 YZ426F CRANK BEARING

(1EA) 5JG-11651-00-00 YZ426F ROD, CONNECTING

(1EA) 5JG-11631-10-00 YZ426F PISTON (STD)

(1EA) 5JG-11603-00-00 YZ426F PISTON RING SET (S

(1EA) 5JG-11633-00-00 YZ426F PIN, PISTON

(2EA) 93420-19084-00 YZ426F CIRCLIP

(1EA) 5JG-11181-00-00 YZ426F GASKET, CYLINDER H

(1EA) 5BE-11351-00-00 YZ426F GASKET, CYLINDER

(1EA) 5JG-11311-00-00 YZ426F CYLINDER 1

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