Clutch problem?

Hello, I have a question of course lol

I got a 2004 yz 450f and had to replace the head gaskets because it was dumping antifreeze into the cylinder and I guessing the oil too since it was milky and foamy, or maybe that was from the race gas the previous owner ran in the bike.

Anyways! When I took a road detour ;-) I noticed that when you pin it in 3rd and 4th gear (its 4 speed tranny) that it feels like the clutch slips and catches? Its a jerking feeling.

But when starting off the clutch feels smooth and strong. So I'm at a loss, is this a clutch issue or gear problem or what's going on!?

The bike is mostly stock other than a slip on and cosmetics.

If this is a jerking that is dependent on how much load you put on it, and that occurs only in 4th, something like a chain jumping teeth on the sprocket, the problem is your transmission.  The locking lugs, or "dogs" on the sides of the 3rd and 4th gear pinions (on the main shaft) are worn rounded, and are forcing the gears away from each other under a load instead of holding together.  This will also have damaged the forward (#2) shift fork.

I'm guessing its not good too ride it like that... That's great!

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