Any1 know what std gearing is on a 01 wr426??

Mine had 15/50. Feels good, but the front sprocket has been chewin' up the chain guide on the swingarm, so I figure stock must have been somewhat smaller. I have found a YZ426 service manual online, but am yet to find the wr. Any1 know of one??


Stock gearing is 15/50 in Australia, 14/50 in Canada/USA... I've logged 5000 miles now, with 15/50 without any problems.

Yep 15/50 stock for aus-nz,yeah i had to trim the ghain guide on the swing arm to fit the 15 front,also had to file the case saver over the front sprocket,make sure your`s is still there hamish or it could turn nasty if the split link or chain fails!,maybe a previous owner replaced the front chain guide with a non yamaha part :)

yep..checked that it's still there ...very tight fit though.

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