sprocket choice for tight trails and hills (xr650r)

I need to change the stock sprockets on my xr650r, to ride on the tight trails at hollister hills, first gear and second gear are way too high, any suggestions.

I think you can go 13/50 without a longer chain.

I put 13/50 on mine with a stock chain. :)

Hey BigT!

How do you like the 13/50?

I put the same on my stock chain over christmas but only got to ride it once! It took a little getting use to esp. on the slick stuff b/c itd break the rear end loose real quick especially with the Quick Silver's quick response!

Tell me about what you think about it?

One thing I did notice was I needed to slow down for trouble hills (ones where you stop and make sure each make it and then get ready help if someone stops mid way) and not come at them like I needed speed b/c it was so quick to spin that I would still be spinning when I got to the hill and didn't get traction I needed. But like I said it was just one ride and I was still getting use to it. I know its a good combo for my needs and I look forward to playing with it some more!

Ya'll be good,



I want to be able to climb the steep hills as well. as a result of the lack of traction Do you recommend changing both sprockets, or maybe just the front to a 13T.

Thanks for any in put you may provide.



2002 XR650R Stock (in process of modifications)

2003 XR100 Sons

I like the 13/50. I think the 13/50 helps with hills. It helps the bike lug a little better. I'm going to order the Edelbrock this week. I can't wait.

XRBRP, Long story short, don't rely on my limited experience with the 13/50. I assume its going to be like anything, you had to adjust your riding style when you started on the XR650R pig and I'm sure this is no different.

(Thats my answer, below is expanded version)


Oh by any means I wouldn't make a judgment on that ride I was speaking of. (I'm a student and out of town so I only had one ride on it over christmas break and it was the first on that combo) So I'm sure it just takes a very little getting use to and approching things with more confidence that you don't need the speed. Its like once you know its limits you know what you can do with it.

Just an added thought though. b/c the front can be replaced w/out removing the rear some just change it so it can be switched easily at the trail head. 14/50 can't fit on stock. but if your purely woods I'd go all the way to 13/50! I liked the quickness and response you get. it only tops out at 84-85 (i'm told) with that combo but I don't ride with anyone that can do that anyway so for me, it was transfering the speed that wasn't used in the woods for the torque that can always be used!

Im putting a 53t rear on my 650L with the stock 15t on the front it should hopefully make a difference in the tight stuff. Does anyone know if I might need a longer chain????

Do you recommend changing both sprockets, or maybe just the front to a 13T.

I just replaced the front with a 13T. It makes a big enough difference to me. You can always change the rear later if it is not to your liking.

I ride very technical stuff, no trees, but cactus. Lots of rocky hill-climbs. The 13T up front allows me to ride in, and stay in a higher gear(3rd). It helped me most with engine braking, and not stalling the bike in tight turns while not having to engage the clutch. :)

I just ran the National Enduro here in Arizona and the bike had no problems with the nastiest hill-climbs. IMHO going to a 50T rear along with the 13T front would only promote more wheel spin and loss of traction as stated by J_T(?).

13T front does chew up the swingarm chain slider a bit. :D

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