needing some suspension help 08 yz450f

I know this is probably a super dumb question but i was curious if anyone could help. :bonk:  I have done some research and going to adjust my sag tomorrow during the day, but is there anyway I can tell if my bike has "aftermarket" suspension on it?  The reason I think it might is the guy I got it from had a bunch of aftermarket parts on it and took really good care of it.  I know stickers are just stickers and anybody can buy a sticker kit.  It has KYB stickers on the forks and cylinder at the rear shock which doesn't make me think it has been redone.  The things that are making me think it does are it has push bottom bleeders on the two front forks and one on the rear cylinder (sorry i don't know the technical term for it).  Also the suspension feels very soft when cruising but didn't notice anything other than the front end being very loose on the track.  I did some research and found the rear sag can be causing this and is the "easiest/cheapest".  When I was younger and living at home I just took my bike to the shop and had them setup my suspension.  Now that I have a house and some time I'm trying to work it myself to learn and gives me something to do.  Please speak in beginner mechanics terms as I am just learning the mechanics of working on my own bike.  So once again is there anyway without breaking the suspension down is there anyway to tell by looking at a few things to tell if its been redone?  I appreciate your time and look forward to the responses.

No, there isn't.

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