First year of Excels on Yamahas?

Just a quick question for everyone out there... what was the first year that Yamaha threw on Excels as an OEM item on their bikes. Likewise, if a few twosmokers out there could help, were there any "ground shattering" modifications that yamaha did to the 98-02 YZ 250 that would make it well worth the buy over a 97? I'm picking up a used two stroke in addition to my 4 and wanted to make sure I got a good year (i'm looking at a 97 right now). Thanks!

the 02' YZ250 was totaly redesigned this year, new ergo, motor mods ect.. Every year they would do a little bit to the motor, suspension but now its a new bike.

Ok... but for other models (98-01), did they do any MAJOR redesigns? I'm also trying to figure out what year they started with the excels, so I don't miss out =)

1999 was the first year they put them on the 400. I thought you bought a CRF?

I've got a 99 yz250 and it has the excel wheels. I believe the engine was redesigned for 99 but I don't remember the details.


98 was the first year with the Excel rims.

I had a 97 and a 98 250, I raced my 97 stock, it was ok but if my memory serves me well my 98 was pulling better stock. On the 98 I've done a little porting, raised the cylinder(2 base gasket) and reshaped the head.

For ice racing, running a Boyensen Rad valve, stock pipe and PC silencer on Pro Fuel MKII it was putting down 48.5 hp, up from 42 stock.

For MX and Dirt track I had a DEP pipe that was way easier to ride and made 45.6 hp.

The 97 was not set-up as good suspension wise for mx but it's easy to get it like you want.

Yamaha changed the motor for 99, the 88 to 98 were basically the same, save for little changes every years or biggers ones when they went from sleeved cylinder to plated (in 91 maybe?).

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