Prices of good Pipes (Thunder Alley)?

Hey guys I'm looking into one of two different pipes. The Dr.D or the Thunder Alley. I'd like to know what you paid for them and where you ordered them from. I called the number from the Dr.D ad up above and they quoted $460 for a 00' 426 but then I saw one for $400 on a mag ad. Somebody give me the straight story here. Thanx

I paid $250 + shipping for the Thunder Alley silencer only. The owner of the company told me that the header didn't effect performance at all.

However, if you have an 00' you may want the header to get better access to your oil filter.


I mounted a Thunder Alley slip-on on my 00'426 as well. I got it for $250 + shipping. Like John says, you only need the headpipe if you're looking for easier clearance to the filter.



The Dr. D pipe is listed at $389 at

I wish Thunder Alley was makin the slip on when I got mine. I'd definitley go with the Thunder Alley. You'll wear out less front tires, they rarely touch!

Who sells the Thunder Alley???

Thanks alot John!!!!

I am going to give them a call.

Hey thanks for the tip about DR.D's at motofrugals. It was ordered and hopefully will be here before the next race on the 23rd. I really appriciate your help guys.

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