knee and elbow pads

Anyone know where you can get good knee and elbow pads online? I was thinking that roller blade pads would probably be good since they are made for wearing while you're doing something active. Thoughts?



Before I bought my asterisk knee braces, I had the good old $12 thor pads that worked quite well. I also had the fox elbows that were also cheap. I don't ride with the elbows anymore becuase the annoy the heck out of me. I think you can get either at pretty much any store... try ... they are good.

-- Charles

I'd suggest the MSR V-tops for knee pads. The new generation elbow pads are sketchy at best, but IMHO, better than nothing. Hallman used to make some killer elbow guards but that was a couple of years ago...

7king... yea, elbow pads are a PITA but all it takes is one time for you to appreciate their use. I went down in the rocks in a Phoenix national enduro a few years ago and flat mangled my elbows. The only time I don't wear them now is at the MX track, and I've paid for that oversight as well. They're not as much a pain if you wear them under your jersey.

Just my $.02...



I agree, slap me on the wrist :) . Obviously with my investment in the asterisk braces, i care a lot about protection. I have tried the elbows above and beneath my jersey and they still just drive me crazy... they slide down. If i tighten them up so they dont slide, they cut off my circulation (no forarm size jokes here please, hehe). Maybe I need to try a different type. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-- charles

Have you seen the new AXO knee pads??? WOW!!!! They're trick!! They have a pivot in them and special protection for your knee-cap. Im going to get those puppies next.

I haven't seen the AXO knee guards.. gotta link?

Those elbow guards are pretty nice. They're similar to the old Hallman stuff. I may have to field test a pair of those...

Zx7king... sorry, didn't mean to sound like a teacher. :) I've worn every piece of protection I can find/buy, even if it chafes. I have a motto:

If it's not covered by plastic, it's gonna get f***ed up. It's not if, it's when.

I have the Fox Ventilator. I'm pleased with them. I never know I have them on. $20 at my local shop.

i cant fit knee pads into my boots cuz my calves are too big! so im going to try some skateboard knee pads

I run the Thor Elbowsavers and like them a great deal. For my Knees I run the Moose M1 setup and really love it. Great protection for off-road riding. Here is a pic of them.



Try here for shoulder info...

click this

I had my shoulder dislocate 7 times, and have now had it repaired... the first time was looping out my new CR250 as a 17 year old kid... that thing was a wild ride...

It's also a common problem for snow skiers...

Good luck, and get a good surgeon...



Check out these guys. I use the six-six-one 2x4 pads since they extend to the forearm. Breathe well and I can use them for mountain biking as well. Super lite!


Thanks Yamahadude.....

I'll aprreciated about that site.... and i relly need it, cause these is not the first time.

I need to ride again...!!! i really need it...!!

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