2004 YZ 450 F compatibility questions?

Hey guys just got a quick question or two that maybe someone knows, my buddy had a 07 YZ 125 in immaculate condition the only problem was he didn't want to pay to have the motor work done that it needed, basically the motor was shot. Basically what I'm asking is, I have every single part that I stripped off that bike from the subframe to the air box to the forks to the rear suspension, anything that bolted on that bike I have now in my garage he basically just told me i could use any of it that i needed.

Could i use the 2007 yz125 airbox as well as subframe on my 2004 yz450f? Or will it not fit period? I know the fork guards wont fit mine, so im assuming that I cant use any of this more than likely. Does anyone know anything other thsn the hubs that are compatible with my 450? I'm asking because basically all of it is in perfect shape and I'm trying to use anything and everything I can if its in better shape than what's on mine. Thanks guys

None of it will bolt straight up.  The frames were entirely different.


The wheels fit, and the shock fits, although it would need revalving and a spring, and then not be an enormous improvement over what you could do with the shock you have.


However, the front fork does fit.  And yes, obviously, they need springs and a little basic rework to work right on the heavier bike, but it would be a really big deal if you can do it.  You should be able to press the steering stem down out of your clamps, remove the 125 stem the same way, and press your stem up into the '07 clamp.  The whole deal should bolt right up, and you can use the complete '07 brake system in the bargain.

I am actually in need of a new front brake master cylinder for my 03 yz250, I think it needs a rebuild kit but you know the plunger that the brake lever pushes in? The front mas cylinder I have is ,issuing that piece and I've been looking for a used master cylinder or either a rebuild kit just can't figure out if the rebuild kit has that little plunger with it?

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