KOUBA Wannabee wish list

This is the final 4 Kouba "E" series T-handles.

If all goes as well, you guys WILL receive one. I have to wait for everyone who previously ordered, gets his.

I KNOW of some guys that had purchased several, possibly not realizing these are permanently fixed to the pilot screw. Maybe YOU GUYS would want to put up your extras up for grabs?


In order

1 - Mike in U.K. (forgot about you, SORRY!)

2 - Douglas G. for 00 YZ426

3 - Rick P. Utahrpm

4 - Sean McC. @ safelite.com

I thought I had one more, but that was the one I reserved for myself, since I gave mine away to fill the last order.

Sorry Phil H.!! :)


If anyone has an extra and is willing to sell, e-mail me at masterphil426@hotmail.com

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