Found white paste in carb on throttle shaft by TPS???

I've got the carb apart on my WR400 and noticed a white-ish gray paste (or maybe some kind of grease) coming out around the throttle shaft where it goes through the carb body and into the TPS sensor.

I don't know if this paste is some kind of lubricant for the throttle shaft, or for something inside the TPS.:)

Anybody know what this paste is for? Anybody find the same stuff in their carb? Carb cleaner doesn't even disolve this stuff.

I don't know if I should remove the TPS or not. Hate to move it from its factory setting. I just don't want any of this paste clogging up my jets!

Any ideas???

Sounds like dielectric grease, installed from the factory to keep the electrical parts like the TPS working properly... just wipe the excess off, and be done, do not start pulling the carb apart to that extent unless there is something seriously wrong with it... simply cleaning the carb is one thing, but if you go too far, you WILL be buying a new carb... some of the gaskets and seals are not easily available for rebuilding a carb... there are no settings or adjustment you can make to the TPS... like it says on home appliances - "No user serviceable parts inside (the TPS)"



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