High idle

Hey guys 09 yz450f just picked it up only thing that I have noticed about is every now and then the idle will go up after I let off the throttle it will stay up for a few mins and then back down what could be the cause of this

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Check the routing of the throttle cable.

Does it change RPM when you turn the handlebars to either side?

Air leak?

Air Leak.  Or fuel screw needs adjusting.

It doesn't do it when I turn. How is the best way to check for a air leak? I will check the fuel air screw to thanks guy's

Use carb clean or brake cleaner and spray the rubber boots and junctions around the card. Do this while the bike is running. If the idle spikes then you have a leak where you just sprayed. The same trick is used to look for leaky vacuum lines in cars and trucks.

Oh alright cool thank you

Check your valve clearance. Right intakes can cause this.

Alright will do

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