Ready to chew on my chain. Help please!!!!

I have my Xr650L back together. Its really an NX with a 97 XRL motor. I have Yosh pipe and am running a dynojet kit with a 165 main 60 idle and dynojet needle on the third clip. Also have K N filter and open airbox. I have two questions. There are two vacuum lines for the AICV the one near the intake manifold and the other one near the throttle linkage side of the carb (not sure what its for it attaches to small cover that held on with two screws) anyway do I plug these? Run one to the other? Or what? Secondly, I am at about sea level or slightly above and the thing won't stay at an even idle. It also seems to crap out at higher rpms.It runs fine everywhere else. Also the problem seesm to get worse as it warms up. I would be ever so grateful for any help I could get. My frustration level has hit an all time high..Thansk in advance for taking the time to help!!!

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