2012 WR 450 cooling/water pump issues

Hi all, just wondering if any one has experienced water pump seal failure at around 1000km mark on the fuel injected 2012 WR's? After doing an oil change today I was warming the bike up to check the oil level and looking for leaks, whilst I was under the bike, I noticed an ever so slight coolant drip that didn't seem constant coming from the tell tale underneath the water pump. It nearly seemed as though when the bike got warmer the drip dried up. if any one has any info/experience I would appreciate it because I would have thought 1000km might be a little bit premature for this to occur?

Also is it normal to have very fine aluminium shavings show up on the underneath of the radiator cap? I could only imagine it's coming from the impeller some how?

Or are these two symptoms directly related and something more sinister is going on??

I think I way have seen a drop coming from the weep hole

Once it warms up and expands it goes away

I wouldn't worry too much unless it gets to be more


Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye on it.


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