rear brake drag

so my '07 wr450F seems to have a tight rear brake. basically the pads are right on the disk and this seems to always present some drag. on the stand when I spin the wheel I can hear a sliding sound and the wheel doesn't free spin for long. shouldn't the there be more significant gap? how can I adjust so this drag is removed? I have seen other bikes where the rear wheel will free spin really fast and easy, like a bicycle, thus indicating much less drag.

I have moved around a lot recently and cant find the hard copy manual to even start looking there. 


with only 4 forum options for Dirt Bikes , hope this is in the best place.



Some pad dragging is normal… typically the pads will not retract after release the brakes so as to leave a "large" visible gap between them and the disc.  It is NOT like bicycle brakes (disc or rim) where there typically IS a large gap.


As far as how much is normal… its hard to say, its more a judgement/experience call.  What you can do is:


  • Pull off the caliper and clean/lube the sliding pins
  • Bleed the brakes

Make sure the caliper is bolted tightly, squared with the rotor and it's mounting bracket not bent.


If cleaning the slider pins doesn't work,


one of the caliper's pistons or seal is probably damaged and not retracting properly when the pressure is released.

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