2002 Stock air filter shredded?

The No-Toil kit is great. local dealer has them for 20 bucks, (free filter, oil, cleaner, and grease.) My luck with OEM filters has been bad. These hold up a lot better, IMHO.

I ran into the same problem on my brother-in-law's 250f. The problem was the plastic inner cage. The lip that contacts the filter was not smooth - it had sharp spots left all over it from the molding process. It destroyed two filters before we noticed it. After sanding it down, the new filter is holding up fine.

you did the right thing buying a twin air. I had one in my 250 two smoke before I sold it. Took it out and now have it in my 426. I cant count the number of times i have cleaned it in a bucket of mineral spirits and it is not shredded at all.

-- charles

I just ckecked my stock air filter in my 02, and was shocked to see where it seats was completely shredded and deteriorated. Whats up with that?? The bike is only 4 months old, and I've only cleaned the filter twice. I used general all purpose grease to seal it, could that have eaten the foam away? Will yamaha give me a new filter, since this one was obviosly defective or garbage to begin with? I doubt it, so I bought a twin air.

I have 02 also, and use belray waterproof all purpose grease to seal it, the bike is almost 2 mos old, I let you know if it happens to me! :)


Hey bud, Could you give me that local dealers name or number or if they have a website, I would like to see if they could ship me one of those no toil kits to me in VA. I have heard nothing but good things about them. My e-mail is FRANKNINJA9R@AOL.COM. Any info. would be greatly appreciated, Frank :)

Freewheeling cycle... It was 20.99, I think.

716-873-1053. Just called them.. free filter deal has expired :) sorry...

Might as well call dennis kirk or somebody else. But this stuff does work great!

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