Squeak in front forks

My 2014 yz450f squeaks when the forks go near bottom has anyone heard this noise?

Aftermarket springs in your bike?  The only internal thing that normally squeaks is if the springs bend outward as they compress instead of compressing into a straight vertical stack.  Then they rub the inside of the fork tube and squeak.  OEM KYB springs rarely do this.  Harmless, but annoying.


Other than that, there may be something external to the fork that's making the noise.

I have heard that at one point when my bike was newer around 20 hrs. It's all stock. I have not heard it in awhile tho.

As I said in your other thread, yes I had that problem with the 14 stuff

I see others here had it also.

I ran totally stock forks and after 10-15 hours it developed.

Stock components rebuilt at 18 hours. Still noisy

Only on certain types of G outs.

Took hole shot device off. Still noises

Installed Ohlins TTX forks and I haven't heard it since.

Wish I new what it was.

I had a stubborn creak in my fork a few years back. I tried everything I could think of and took many suggestions but the fork still creaked on occasion. Not very confidence inspiring for a 225lb rider. In the end I was able to get rid of the creaking but not until I pulled out every bolt - bars to axel and coated them with waterproof grease. Never had the problem again.

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My 2014 yz450f squeaks when the forks go near bottom has anyone heard this noise


Is this while you have the front brake on, and pushing down?

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Thanks for the help guys it has stock springs in it and it definitely sounds like it's coming from inside my left fork. The spring deflecting sounds the most accurate for the sound I'm hearing.

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