2009 wr450 oil in airbox

Good morning,


New to this site and new as far as maintenance goes on my bike, 2009 wr450. Normally I take it to the dealer for service but I decided to change my own oil this time. I removed the drain pug and the dipstick to get the oil draining. not sure where the other bolt is. Here is what happened. the dealer says my bike takes 1 quart of oil. After draining the oil, (not sure if a whole quart came out) I put 1 quart of oil back in the engine. rode 55 miles. Noticed oil in the airbox after the ride, a lot. Is this from overfilling or do I have another problem?? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Probably just over filled a bit.

Periodic oil change 0.95L
With oil filter replacement 1.0L
Total amount 1.2L


One drain bolt on each side of the case.

Do yourself a favor and get a manual.

Over filling could cause damage.

Not sure how you are making the logical connection between one and the other. The oil may have been there for quite a while.

I'd wipe the airbox nice and clean and see if it comes back

If it comes back, then I'd dig a bit deeper

If not, you win

Constant high rpms, or wheelies will dump oil in the airbox

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