Recluse clutch,

I have a 14 450f with recently installed rekluse clutch has been broken in properly,readjusted for free play one today I had it out it was fine for one hr bam to much free play again. What do you suppose is going on to make this happen after initial's the core 3.0 exp

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Which Rekluse clutch?

Which Rekluse clutch?

thanks for reminding me what model clutch it is gray. It's the core exp 3.0.

The 3.0 has to be checked for freeplay at 3000 RPM or higher.  The instructions refer to the phenomena as "free play gain".   There might be any number of things happening to change the play.  Readjust it and see if it will stabilize.

YzCas, I have the same Rekluse on my 2015. It is an amazing product IMO. The gain when just warmed up is less than when the engine is hot. Maybe by as much as 2-4mm. I recall the website may have mentioned that when hot, the pack will expand and gain should be set when hot. Regardless, I think this is normal and I wouldn't chase it around too much. Mine measures about 2mm when started and around 5mm when hot. 

Agreed, the hot performance of the Core EXP on that bike is VERY different than cold.  And not just hot from the oil getting warm, but it will change when you really start getting on the clutch for the first few minutes, then it's pretty consistent from there on out.

Thanks guys for your help.

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