Broke my wrist...Scott's Damper for sale... brand new!!!

Brand new, still in box, has never been mounted. in fact i never even took it out of the box. I just broke my wrist on saturday. guess i could have used the damper then... oh well. I need money for bike repairs etc. besides because of the multiple breaks in the wrist i wont be riding this season and perhaps not next either. Damper was purchased on April, 16th of this year for my 520 MXC and comes with stabilizer, linkarm, handlebar clamp, frame bracket (bolt on), instruction manual, and applicable is listed on the scott's site as steering stabilizer kit complete (bolt on) 2nd from the top....i paid $410.00 for it plus shipping and will let it go for $400.00 plus i'll pick up the shipping charges for next day shipping if needed (if going to a business). Remember, this damper was purchased for a KTM therefore the handle bar clamp will fit the stock 4 stroke or Pro Taper style bars only i believe and not 7/8ths bars....E-mail me if interested...



I'm sorry to hear about the wrist. Get well soon!

thanks dude....wish i could say i was doing something incredible like a fifyt foot table top....but was just a fast corner, had the bike leaned waaaay over in the corner...and clipped a small log with the front wheel. washed it out a landed on my elbow with the full weight of the bike and me....looked down and the wrist was at 90 degrees the wrong way....ouch!!! thank god my friends were there with me...took about 2 1/2 hrs to get to the hospital.

now i know why you should never ride alone.



i broke my wrist [scaphoid] on 25th feb this year,so i know how you feel,

i had the bone bolted up and managed my first [slow and carefull] ride 2 weeks ago,

good luck with the mending...


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

well, i thought it was sold, but the deal just fell it's still available if anyone is interested. remember though, thiss was purchased for a KTM 4 stroke. I think the yamaha 4 strokes requires a different bolt on kit and handlebar clamp.


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