The Beast is Back!!!!

Not Damon, he could be done, bummer bout that.

My 426 after major open heart surgery, bounced back into fine race form this weekend at the opening round of the 4-stroke Nationals.

On Saturday the out of town guest's musta brought in some wind with them as there were 40 mph gusts. This made for some interesting jumping and you really had to be careful on certain jumps!

Seemed a little tight during the morning practice, but it could have just been me making sure to baby it a bit. $600.00 worth of gears, bearings, piston rings etc have a way of making you listen and pay attention to your motor a lil more. :)

Saturday had a good battle with Cliff Piper on his Piper Performance 02 YZ426 for three laps until I put a block pass move in the corner leading to the "out of the gully jump". He had more momentum and leaped pass me on the jump. Stalked him for one more lap until he left the door open AGAIN!!! Block passed promptly in the downhill left following the start straight and rode her home to victory in the AZOTMX Master class.

2nd moto passed Cliff in the same turn on the 1st lap and he basically threw in the towel and I cruised to an easy win, could have stopped for a beer, like my here Hakan Carlquist! LOL

Sunday, was still a lil breezy and they ran the AZOTers on the back track!!!

Pulled a holeshot and didn't really feel safe on this funky track that we were running backwards. Got passed by a couple of experts, studied there lines for a few laps

made a move into second, took the lead on the last lap.

Second moto was right after my 1st 40Int moto and they just watered the track. I was already covered in mud and sent the girl

back for some more tearoffs.

Sweet holeshot and tip-toed around the skate rink making sure not to do something stupid,

like sliding out and giving up the lead. It's time like this when I really luv the big thumper as the ring dings were frantically trying to stay with me. Just roll on the throttle, rrrrrrrrrraaaappp!!!!, cover em with roost and they dissapear for a while. Mike C got close on the last lap but I covered the bases and did not give him an opening. Everyone bitched about the mud, but I kinda liked it!!

National Track

1st moto they just watered and after a crappy start worked my way through the field of 16 40+ Intermediates. Salvaged a fourth and was pleasantly surprized after being covered in roost!

Second moto, another bad start and squeezed into 7th entering the 2nd turn. Had some great battles as the track was rough as %@#%!!!, but again I "kinda like that". Got into 3rd and closed on second, losing out by a half a bike. Doug Goodman via two holeshots went 1-1, I managed a 3rd out of a 4-3.

All in all despite the windy cold conditions on Sat it was a great weekend of racing and the Pro Class was STACKED!! They had to run qualifiers and a last chance as 80 riders showed up to make the field of 40.

It was great to see the Red mixed with the Sea of Blue and Spud Walters on the White Bros sponsored 450 thumped his way to giving Honda it's first Four Stroke victory. Craig

Decker led some laps as did another YZ rider, (can't think of his name doh!) and Vet Robert Naughten from Flagstaff AZ led the second moto even jumping the monster double in the back that only a few riders were doing.

That's it for now, gotta get busy as I need to catch up and prepare for the NEW JOB on Monday!!! Ahhhhh it's gonna suck but Corporate America here I come.... LOL

Moto to Live

Live to Moto

[ February 13, 2002: Message edited by: G-Man ]

You were looking good out there Sunday G. Looks like you finally fixed that loose nut above the cylinder head!!!

Alright, new job! Congrats.

You looked your usual smooth/fast self out there. Good to see you back.

I hope to join you at the next 4 stroke nat race at Ocotillo. Should have the "baby F" and 1 weekend before to get her dialed and broken in.

Paul, Where's my bike? :)

Great Read there G-Man. Sounds like you had a blast.


"You were looking good out there Sunday G. Looks like you finally fixed that loose nut above the cylinder head!!!"

Well the jury is still out on that! How late did you stay, did not see you after I spoke to you?


Thanks, hope you get your "baby F" soon!

Paul, Where's his bike?


Thanks yes it was a great time out there!

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