need rivet chain tool ASAP!

Help, save my weekend please!!

Wife picked up my chain today, little did I know it came with a rivet type masterlink instead of a clip type, AAAHHH!!! Anyone know who sells rivet chain tools and ships overnight? I checked everywhere I can think of with no luck. :D

They also sent me a @*$&^@%! aluminum rear sprocket instead of steel.. So now I have a $140 chain to go on an aluminum sprocket... :):D:D I want to ride this weekend, AAHHHH!!!!

Dude, your local dealer should carry master links. It would probably be easier to buy a clip type link and put it on .

Option #2-their mechanics will have a rivet tool, you could roll on in there with your bike.

#3 would be calling Motion Pro


Try these guys, used them a lot when I was roadracing: Street and Competition They are good people to deal with, very good to racers.

Also, try: Lockhart Phillips They are cool too, sponsored me when i was racing.

hope this helps make the weekend,

-- charles

Thanks guys! Fear the riveters are not less than $75 (the motion pro was over $100), wow sticker shock! Think I will hit the shop tomorrow to see if they will rivet it for me or if they have a clip type link in stock. Thanks again!

Thumpalot, my dad still has his old chain breaker from way back in to 70' great. We ALWAYS have it with us. What happens if you break a chain on a ride and need to rivet in a masterlink to repair it?? You should buy one anyways....they will save you eventually (it did me when my chain snapped one day!), and they last forever and a half (as all tools will!) Always carry a masterlink or two in your toolbox too!

WIth a 400+ cc 4 stroker, it's only a matter of time before that chain gives way to the power....unless you replace the chain every 6 months (yeah freakin right...!)

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