Battery Up-Grade?

I posted this question on the "TTR" forum and got no responce. Though I'd try with ya'll WR guys. :)

Question... My daughter's stock 03' TTR-250 is in need of a new battery and I want to get one with more cold cranking amps. What Battery are you running and why?

Boyd :D

You'll need get the dimensions of the old one to match the new one. Once you've got these dimensions I'd call around to local motorcycle dealers to find a similar one with more juice. I'm not sure if the bats on the WR450 have the same dimensions. I don't think there is a short cut and your dealers are probably your best bet. :)

Another place to check is a battery store, if the shops don't have a good option. We have some here in Colorado called "Battery Plus". They deal with just batteries so they may be able to give some options, again if the shops don't have an idea.

I am not sure of the battery size or amperage. I have had great success using Power Sonic batteries in several of my bikes. The batteries are sealed units and bargain priced compared to Yuasa and other motorcycle specific brands. I use a 1208 in my dual sport conversion WR400 (no e-start) as well as a 1252 in my RG500. You will have to modify your connections to spade plugs but that is the only downfall. In terms of size and power output, you'll be hardpressed to match the Power Sonic. Here is the link Power Sonic



I second the vote for a sealed battery. I ride Harley's as well, and they are very hard on batteries, but I have noticed a marked improvement since I switched to a sealed battery. Due to work and a new dirtbike in the family, I hadn't started the HD in about three months, and the battery cranked like it just came off the charger. Maintenance free is also a good thing. Not to mention, I don't like the idea of dumping my dirtbike upside down with a vented battery, sounds like recipe for trouble!


Thanks for the link. I have it saved to my favorites and plan in reading up on them in a few days. :)


I was looking for a more powerful battery for my bike and found out that ours (TTR250 and wr450) dimensionally are the same size although the wr battery is more powerful.!!

The wr battery is sealed too. !!

Get a battery for a wr.

I actually could not find any more powerful ones our size. :)


Thanks, I was not aware they were the same size. :)

Seems there are a few guys here on the WR side of Thumpertalk that have removed their batterys and just might want to let them go. :D


Are any of the batteries listed able to cold crank and start a WR450F? Mine will crank it but not start the bike cold.

Jetting fixes that 72 starter jet makes the bike easier to start down to 30 degrees. Below that you just have to kick the crap out of it. :)

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